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Customized Vending Machines

Our professional approach to the vending market, range of equipment as well as our specialized software, technical back-up and support ensures us being the only company that can supply a complete turnkey vending solution.  We supply and import our own equipment and are appointed service agents for these products as well.

We have the ability to stock ANY product in our machines.  We only need samples of your product in order to customize a machine to suit your specific vending requirements (Fresh food, Health products, Cigarettes, Clothing, Stationary, Toiletries, etc.)

If you are frustrated with the cost and/or abuse of consumables/products in your company, the Dispenstech Smart Store is definitely the solution for you.  Plug in and start saving at least 30%

Our customized vending machines stock the products/consumables you currently use in ways that saves you time and money.  Consumables/products include everything you currently use in your workshops that you could save money on (i.e. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), workshop tools and consumables, etc.)

Increase productivity by making products available 24/7 at the point of use.  It is a great tool for job costing and it enables our customers to dramatically reduce consumption and abuse, simply because employees know they are accountable for what they use.  

Every Dispenstech Smart Store is customized to meet each customer’s unique product requirements and tested to ensure trouble free vending of those items.  The reporting is flexible and a full audit report is available on every machine at any time.

It is hard to imagine a more efficient supply process.  We are confident that you won’t find a more complete, cost effective solution on the market.

With our dedicated team of professionals, we can honestly say that we are the experts in RSA when it comes to providing industrial vending solutions.

Contact us to book your TRIAL PERIOD and start driving productivity and cost savings in your company.

Sales and Rentals

Gauteng Vending Solutions specializes in the selling and technical maintenance of:

Combination Vending Machines
Hot Beverage Vending Machines

Dispenstech Solutions specializes in the rental and technical maintenance of:

Industrial Vending Machines
Customized Vending Machines
Combination Vending Machines
Hot Beverage Vending Machines

Sales: public welcome

Rentals: available to companies only - no individuals or sole proprietors

Industrial Vending

Gauteng Vending Solutions and Dispenstech Solutions are well established in sales, rentals, technical support and service in the South African vending industry and beyond our borders. We are also proud members of the Vending Association of South Africa (VASA).

We have a wealth of experience that we are willing to pass on to you our customers, thereby ensuring you the pleasure of “Hassle Free Vending”

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